Bed and Breakfasts

Travel, in a large country like Australia is often time consuming and business traveler often has to spend a large amount of time on the road and needs good comfortable accommodation with the facility of getting a good breakfast before starting the day. Holiday makers too prefer these types of accommodations, known as bed and breakfast or b&b accommodation. Australian bed and breakfast establishments are plentiful and spread across the country. By and large they are comfortable and often luxurious places to stay and offer extremely good value for money.

There are few places where you will not find bed and breakfast accommodation Australia. The range and types of bed and breakfast in Australia is diverse in terms of cost, style, locations and the types of guests who stay there. Many people feel it is this diversity, so different from that of the impersonal large hotels, that makes staying at an Australian bed & breakfast so appealing. B&b Australia accommodation ranges from heritage properties, to guest house and inns, self contained cabins and exclusive retreats, home stay with families and farm and station (ranch) stay accommodation. The various types Australian bed and breakfast establishments include, but are not limited to the following.

Traditional bed and breakfast accommodation Australia generally consists of a 3 or 4 bedroom house with some character or personality of its own to distinguish it from other properties and act as the incentive for a guest to stay there. Breakfast, often made up of local specialties is included in the room cost and is often taken eaten with the owners. In many cases the owners live on the premises and can be very helpful in providing visitors with local knowledge that will make their holiday experiences better than if they had moved around on their own.

The b & b Inn is a larger establishment of between 4 to 12 rooms. These places usually have a dining room where breakfast is served. While dinner is not generally offered, many bed and breakfast Australia establishments of this type will provide dinner for the guests if specially requested. While breakfast is included in the room charges, any extra food that may be asked for and provided is charged for extra.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation Australia may also consist of large properties, usually either on the outskirts of a town or away from it that provide individual cottages for the guests. This type of Australian bed and breakfast is sought after by visitors wanting privacy and a personal space to relax in. These cottages are usually self contained and have their own bathrooms, kitchenettes refrigerators TV and audio systems. Breakfast is usually delivered to the cottages and is often in the form of a basket meal. Many such bed and breakfast Australia establishments have luxury features and spa facilities. These places are normally located either on the outskirts of cities or away from them in rural surroundings.

Rural retreats are b&b Australia accommodations that are away from urban areas and are targeted by those looking for seclusion and tranquility. The owner often resides on the property and is able to guide the guests on walking routes, hiking paths and other such rural activities. Some of them have swimming pools or are located by rivers that are safe for swimming and also are good fishing spots.

And there are the mid town b & b accommodations that are meant for the business traveler and are limited to a good room with a TV and music and a substantial breakfast to start the day on.